Ryan Dy

San Francisco, CA


Seeking new challenges as an software architect and technical advisor. Looking to work with early stage companies to help build a strong foundation with sustainble practices to make successful products.


I have 6 years of web development experience as a technical consultant for both startups and enterprise companies; working to run engineering better by coaching clients on agile practices. Prior to web development, I have 8 years of game industry experience, having participated in a variety of demanding and exciting projects. My interests and specialization are in graphics and visualization, paired with a full stack background. I look forward to and sharing my experience and ideas in a collabortive team environment.


: Pivotal Labs, San Francisco, CA

  • Senior Softeware Engineer/Technical Expert in Javascript and CSS.
  • Coached and trained clients on agile software techniques, specifically XP.
  • Advisor to internal and external teams on technical issues for front end development.
  • Speaker at local ruby conferences and startup events.

: Activision / Vicarious Visions, Mountain View, CA

  • Member of Internal Alchemy Team, developing cross platform solutions on game consoles.
  • Contributor to game teams in advisory and code roles.
  • Worked on proof of concept demos to showcase technology and educate staff.

: Intrinsic Graphics, Mountain View, CA

  • Part of developer support team that worked with Alchemy customers in adapting software to meet application and game needs.
  • Worked on-site and remotely with customers in building game tools and pipeline.
  • Presented Alchemy at IDGA-sponsored Game Middleware conferences (2002).

: Barking Dog Studios, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Responsible for singleplayer missions and AI.
  • Worked in adapting code and gamescript to enhance gameplay.


Background in 3D Math and graphics, coupled with years of full stack web development. Extremely knowledgabe in front end development of thick clients and cross browser compatibility.

  • Languages

    C/C++, CSS, HTML, Javacript, Ruby
  • Frameworks

    Backbone, jQuery, Node, Rails, OpenGL

Code Samples and Products

  • Project management software for agile products.
  • A side project experient using reddit's public API to build a rich javascript client.
  • My personal github account with links to open source projects.


Simon Fraser University -- Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada B.Sc, Computer Science, 2000, Certificate in Multimedia